About Us

Brothers Baits LLC started out as a hobby among three brothers who have always had a passion for the sport of fishing. Products they originally intended to use themselves to improve their own fishing has turned into a full-blown business which sells products to fishermen nationwide. 
We currently have over 200 product combinations, and that number is always growing. Every product we manufacture is tested and proven to perform at professional levels, and provides an exciting experience for all fishermen
For over ten years the brothers have come up with new and advanced scents and plastics to ensure that all customers are satisfied. 
Anyone who picks up a pole and is as excited as we are to feel that fish at the end of your line is considered family to us. So, welcome to our family!
Here at Brothers Baits we are a big fan of quality. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us and we will work with you to make things right. 
As always, thank you for choosing and supporting Brothers Baits! Please remember to always fish safely and responsibly.
(Bob, Dave, Janelle, Dan)
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